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  • Planning discussions, and preparation of basic Estate Planning trust documents often take several weeks to complete. 
  • Fees for this work generally ranges ranges from $2,500 and $6,500 depending on the complexity of your wishes. The cost can increase depending on the scope of work. 
  • While this this cost may initially seem expensive, this investment will ultimately save you and your loved one's a great deal of money and strife upon your passing.
  • For instance, probating a California estate with a gross value (which does not take into consideration any mortgages owed on real properties) of $800,000 is $19,000 in probate fees alone, and can take up to 2 years to complete.
  • This leaves all of us with two choices.
  1. Choice Number One: Save a few thousand dollars today, by either choosing not to plan or creating a will-based estate plan. Ultimately, this will ensure that your loved ones will be left with the expenses and headaches of probate. 
  2. Choice Number 2: Create a fully integrated Revocable Living Trust Family Protection Plan, which saves your loved one's from the future expenses and headaches of probate. 
  • More importantly, such a plan empowers you with the calm and piece of mind that: 1) your wealth will be preserved by assets passing as you desire, 2) incapacity planning is completed, and 3) you can provide your children or other beneficiaries with lifetime protection—because your affairs are in order. 
  • Besides the financial benefits that a welll-crafted estate plan creates, it is also one of the greatest gifts that can be given to your loved one's. Having your affairs neatly tied up for the person that one day must administer your estate gives he or she the space to grieve the loss of a family member and celebrate that person's life.