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Many people harbor a misconception that estate planning is an activity solely for families with large estates. While the idea of visiting a wills and trusts attorney may conjure images of a cold individual wearing a 3-piece suit, sitting behind a large mahogany desk—at least based upon movies—this should not, and usually is not, the case. While those with large estates do require comprehensive estate planning, almost every person should have an estate plan in place. This is particularly true for families with minor children. For instance, it is important to nominate a guardian who can care for a minor child at any time that the parents are unable to do so.


The Law Office of Matthew J. Tuller focuses its estate planning practice on offering value-based estate planning services to new families. Based upon the specific assets and circumstances involved, our firm works with each family to create a personalized estate plan—which meets both the evolving legal and financial needs—as appropriate. Mr. Tuller works to gain an understanding of each family’s objectives, values, gaols, and concerns, to ensure that an appropriate estate plan is created. While dependent on each individual or family’s specific situation, this may include solely the creation of a simple will and supporting documents. Accordingly, the Law Office of Matthew J. Tuller offers a variety of estate-planning services in a variety of different settings, from a more traditional in-person interview at the Law Office to an interactive Estate Planning Workshop amongst friends.